Let's digitize alcohol and fun!

Hi, I'm Alan, the first human NFT.
I digitize beer and I'll sell it in the metaverse.

coming soon!

If one day the Whitepaper decided to get drunk, it would certainly become a YELLOW PAPER both for the color of the beer but above all for the color of its liver. Cheers!

Introduction to the character of Alan, a character with a 10 million dollar face:
Good evening, I'm Alan and I represent the failure of the current social system that regulates the various political systems in which our lives are forcibly embedded.
I grew up in a loving family of workers with simple but great values, but when I was very young my father fell ill with a degenerative disease that slowly invalidated him, so I decided to start working early and started slowly, slowly realizing the injustices that a person suffers from an early age.
My father and my family have always worked in Italy and paid taxes but when health failed the state gave us crumbs, this is because as long as you keep your head down and adapt to the system working in silence in exploitation you are useful but as soon as your health fails you are too many and therefore useless and unfortunately hardly anyone assists you.
I have always been fascinated by nature, by animals and by all those values linked to the dignity of every single being who walks on this planet but I have always dreamed of a sort of revenge, that these values in which I believe sooner or later have become reality or a sort of of equal law for all: animals, rich and poor people, from all over the world.
Not finding this reality in the world close to me, I began to take refuge in reading political fiction/science fiction essays, mainly in the works of G. Orwell, A. Huxley but above all of P.K. Dick.
I have tried to create fantastic solutions in my mind, by exploiting the positive ideas of these authors, to create a society that does not exclude anyone and respects the dignity of each person.
One day all my ideas came across Bitcoin through a friend who explained to me how it worked and I started thinking that sooner or later this revolution would really come because blockchain technology and decentralization, if used correctly, could really create a turning point for this corrupt world.
Unfortunately Bitcoin was beautiful but limited in many of its possibilities and after various failures OF MANY L-1 PROTOCOLS, I realized that the only evolution of this technology without deceptions or "form defects" was sharding, so thanks to my great master Chadix, I met Radix and then the genius of GODIX: Dan Hughes.
The Radix technical framework, once completed, will provide absolute freedom in the phases where the community will slowly embrace true decentralization, unhindered by mining oligarchies, excessive hardware barriers and many other unnecessary things found around many other protocols.
The Radix community is genuine, investors and developers thrive peacefully without envy or rivalry all with one goal: the prosperity of the ecosystem, above all having fun, this is the main reason why I chose Radix.
I believe this serenity reflects the serenity of the creator of Radix: Dan is not greedy for money or fame, he is simply the best in the entire cryptospace and he is creating Radix by sacrificing himself to improve society through this protocol.
What is Alan.Coin?
Alan.Coin is basically the MEME COIN of the Alan.Beer.Project born from a bet: Socio and I, the creators of the token, two ordinary people with bad IT, artistic and marketing knowledge, with only 1000 XRD, we want to see what it can happen by taking the right steps (hopefully) in the Radix ecosystem.
Then the team expanded by integrating a high level CTO: Michelinux, a Radix validator and advocate.
The total supply will be 21,000,000 Alan.Coins which will be distributed free of charge to the various community members with different types of airdrops.
The various airdrops will be for Epic Members (TYPE A) simply public (TYPE B) and others dedicated only to active members, in propaganda, distribution, development (TYPE C).
Many choices on the project have already been voted on and will also be voted on in the future by the community through polls on Twitter or Telegram.
Alan.Coin tokenomics

The tokens will be totally and free of charge in the hands of the community that will decide the fate of the project: whether it should have a DeFi infrastructure, remain in the NFT sector, whether it should have a diffusion or die forgotten by all.
I must say that with this project we have met truly special people in the community and this is already a huge success for us regardless of any result.
Please note: the reserve supply will be able to expand and drain $ALC from the airdrops destined for the community if the use of Alan.Coin is considered to hire operational members and enlarge the initial team.
What is Rad.Beer?
Rad.Beer token (BEER) is an Alan.Coin support token that will be donated FREE of charge via airdrops.
The various airdrops will be public (TYPE A) and others dedicated only to active members, in propaganda, distribution, development (TYPE B).
The supply will be 21,000 and around 80% of the token will be donated free of charge, around 10% will remain as a reserve to the Alan.Beer.Project.
Currently the Beer token is not available on the Radix network.
Once released by Alan.Beer.Project you will find the code on this site and the announcements will arrive ONLY IN OUR OFFICIAL CHANNELS.
Rad.Beer tokenomics

Why did I decide to become a HFNT?
The creation of NFTs is often linked to art and I'm very fascinated by artists but I mainly associate this with the development of digital identities.
I'm a HUMAN NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN and I want to be the passage of the common man, condemned to survive in an unjust social model, towards a new social system that is slowly under development, which will embrace billions of people in the coming years and which if CARED FOR IN AN INFRASTRUCTURE WITH SOUND PRINCIPLES LIKE RADIX will be able to thrive on the net and be an example for the men who live that life to stimulate a CULTURAL AND SOCIAL REVOLUTION IN REAL LIFE.
It could take decades but showing that something virtual can really work could trigger people's resigned minds to really change something.

Why the beer?
Socio and I were at the bar of the event: Blockchain Week in Rome drunk and we decided to start a project but a skill was needed to develop it correctly which could be: IT, art or marketing but we didn't possess any of those, we only had dozens of beers on the table and so we thought of beer as a universal message to unite all members of the community and then all the different communities of the entire crypto space.
Be careful not to underestimate the problems caused by alcohol abuse, we at Alan.Beer see in a beer, or more beers, the pleasure of being together and sharing ideas in a healthy way, sometimes we joke about the abuse but we are fully aware of the problems related to alcohol addiction; if the project will be successful, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity that deals with alcohol detoxification and we will make it public.
Some members of the Bitcoin community refer to BTC as “digital gold”.
Alan.Coin will be DIGITAL BEER.
We apologize for the poor English in this Yellow Paper.